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Since incorporating gratitude in my daily routine, I have noticed positive changes physically, mentally, and especially emotionally. Though there are many ways to practice gratitude, writing in this journal and saying what I am grateful for out loud has been by far the most effective. My mood has improved so much which is something dearly important to me, given that I've battled depression and anxiety.  


With the help of God I was able to put together this journal and I'm excited to share with you all.

My goal with this journal is to help develop that attitude of gratitude for even the smallest things and also show gratitude towards yourself. That way you can recognize how amazing you are and remember to show yourself that unconditional love. 

Gratitude is a mindset that can be developed and strengthened over time. It requires conscious effort and a willingness to shift your focus from what is lacking to what is present and valuable in your life.

Get your journal today and transform your life, one page at a time. <3

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